Geraldo Rivera Embarrasses Himself Again When Asked What the ‘AR’ Stands For….

You’d think Geraldo Rivera would keep his mouth shut about the gun debate by now.

The man appears to have no actual knowledge of rifles or other firearms (much like Joe Biden).

He demonstrated this once more when he stated on the air that the ‘AR’ in ‘AR-15’ stood for “automatic rifle.”

Geraldo was on a rant about how there is no “legitimate reason” for anyone to own an AR-15.

He claimed that AR-15s exist solely to make their owners “feel macho.”

Greg Gutfeld, his co-host on The Five, chimed in, saying, “It’s a rifle.”

That’s when Geraldo revealed his true ignorance.

“It’s not a rifle,” he declared emphatically.

Gutfeld responded by asking Geraldo what the letter ‘AR’ stood for.

“Automatic rifle,” Geraldo replied.

Gutfeld shook his head, perplexed, and quickly informed Geraldo of his error…

This is simply embarrassing:…

Everyone and their brother on Twitter responded by mocking Geraldo for his ignorance:

Geraldo has proven that he is just as uneducated on this matter as Joe Biden himself: