Firefighter Holds Kitted Out Idiot At Walmart At Gunpoint

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Just because you can doesn’t mean you should… especially days after several mass shootings. This happened right here in our backyard.

A man who was live-streaming in full kit with an AR and a 100 rounds of ammo was stopped at gunpoint by a firefighter as he made his way out the emergency exit.

According to WTOK the Springfield Police Department says it responded to a call of an active shooter at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Republic Rd., near Golden Ave., Thursday evening.

Officers arrived on scene within three minutes of the call. Police stated that a young white male, appearing to be in his twenties, pulled up to the Walmart, where he donned body armor and military fatigues. Police say the man had tactical weapons.

Police then say the man walked into the Walmart Neighborhood Market where he grabbed a cart and began pushing it around the store. Police say the man was recording himself walking through the store via a cell phone.

The store manager pulled a fire alarm, urging people to escape the store.

Police say the man then made his way out an emergency exit where a firefighter held the man at gunpoint. At that moment Springfield Police arrived on scene and detained the man.

The Springfield Police Department could not confirm the nature of statements said by the man to those inside of the Walmart, but did confirm that the man had loaded weapons, and over one hundred rounds of ammunition.

Lt. Mike Lucas said it was clear the man’s intent was to cause chaos, saying in part, “His intent was not to cause peace or comfort. He’s lucky he’s alive stilL..

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Shit like this is how our guns get taken away.  As responsible gun owners we need to discourage this type of stupidity.

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