FAKE DEA Agents Coming To A Street Near You! *VIDEO*

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We’ve covered quit a few tactics criminals have been utilizing to prey on innocent citizens from hiding in plain sight in a running getaway vehicle waiting on someone too buried in their phone to notice or donning the uniform or part of the uniform of law enforcement officers such as the bullet proof vest. Which answered the question some people have as to why anyone needs ammunition that can penetrate lvl IIIa armor.

Another video is making its rounds illustrating just that. Though the criminals here do not appear to be donning body armor they are posing as “DEEEYAY” as they put it but we’re pretty sure they meant DEA.

KHOU11 Writes that Pearland police are warning residents to be on the lookout for a couple of fake DEA agents roaming the area.

They were caught on camera trying to get inside a home on Ivory Creek Drive.

The masked men were wearing black shirts with DEA lettering on the front and “police lettering” on the back.

Both appeared to be armed with handguns, according to Pearland police.

The woman inside warned them she was going to call the police so they ran off.

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This incident highlights one of the reasons we sell Fort Scott Munitions. If criminals will break laws to get firearms they will surely use any resource available to them to aid in their crimes. So why not use everything at your disposal?

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