Facebook Says: Tactical Shit is “Terrorist Content”

At Tactical Shit we are no virgin when it comes to left wing social media bias and censorship.  We started this brand as a social media community in 2013 and grew to over 2 million gun enthusiasts that consider their lifestyle to be associated with the word tactical.  Originally the community was mostly military and law enforcement but as the Obama era  created a new and vibrant “gun culture”  we became a place for all patriots, white, black, brown and yellow.

During the 7 years since we started giving you the news you give a shit about and telling you about the latest, greatest and funniest products in the tactical world, we ran afoul of the “community standards” imposed by Mark Cocksuckerburg more than once. As a matter of fact we lost our Facebook page 3 times and our Instagram  twice.  Our admins suffered numerous suspensions and our dicks got slapped over and over.

Eventually they forced us to play somewhat within their rules.  It had been 4 years to the day since the last time our Facebook page was taken down last Thursday when they shut down our main page with  over 900,000 followers.  This time was different.  This time they did not just unpublish the page, they disabled the accounts of every admin we had including Sig Glockincolt and his wife known as the HBIC (head bitch in charge).

By disabling their personal accounts they not only took down the main page but also the backup page and Sig’s personal page as well as others including:

  • American Gunfighter
  • Patriot Defense and Tactical Gear
  • Tactical Operator
  • Liberal Tears
  • and more

However that evidently was’t good enough for the executives at Facebook.  This week over the holiday weekend they came back and disabled everyone ever affiliated with the page including 7 of our past and present employees and three gun industry professionals.

  • Alex Milberg (Dyna Death Milberg)
  • Ben Bulloch (Red White and Ben)
  • Kris Dickson (Fat Dark Earth)
  • Vernel Dorn (Token Marcus)
  • Dave Harter
  • Josh Murdoch
  • Melissa Bales
  • William Watson
  • Jacqueline Carizzosa
  • Tony Pignato

During this sweep they also deleted our new backup page as well as two groups including Tactical Shithead Carry Nation and Tactical Shithead Elite 3%

We have spoken to contacts within Facebook who said the following:

“The signal I’m getting is that there is no chance of your account being reinstated.  So my personal opinion is that you got caught up in that sweep I mentioned:

either by something you posted or possibly if you were an admin of some sort of FB page or group that is now considered “terrorist content”.
If that’s the case, you are pretty well screwed.  It basically means you can never have a FB account again, which also means you’ve lost your personal content, your business page and all your customer interaction, you’ve lost all your Messenger contacts, conversations and all data stored in Messenger including files, images, and videos, you’ve lost all access to your accounts on 3rd party websites that use “Login with Facebook” (like Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, and thousands of others), and you’ve lost the ability to use Facebook Portal and Oculus VR devices, and if you had content you paid for on Oculus, you’ve lost access to your paid property there.
My suggestion would be to escalate this through whatever legal or government means that are available to you, framed in the context of “consumer protection” or “business protection”.  You’ve lost significant assets both personal and professional with no recourse and no explanation and have been banned from using what amounts to a monopoly communication system needed by any person or business to function.  A rough equivalent would be if AT&T banned you personally and your business from ever having a phone number, for life, with no reason given.
Sorry I don’t have better news.”
So there you have it folks; “Terrorist Content” for publishing actual news and information that the fake news either won’t push or don’t want pushed.  This is how the Left is silencing the right during this election season and it is only going to get worse.

If you followed us on any of these pages or groups, please connect with us elsewhere!

We will move on, we will rebuild.  Our current new Facebook Page until they find it is here.  Or you can follow our store page in St. Louis here or our store page in Orlando here
We have also started a page on Parler.  A new anything goes platform that is actually pretty cool.

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