Dems Want Biden Off The Ticket, Hope For Gun Owners?

Could vehemently anti-gun President Joe Biden’s time in the White House soon be coming to an end? Judging by a wane in support among members of his own party, the president’s four-year war on the Second Amendment just might not be extended to eight, as indicated by a new Rasmussen Poll.

The Truth About Guns Writes

Rasmussen recently asked 1,113 likely voters the question: “Would you approve or disapprove of Democrats finding another candidate to replace Joe Biden before the election in November?” More than half—54% to be exact—of Democrats responding answered yes.

The high positive response likely reflects not only Democrats’ dissatisfaction with the president’s policies, but also their opinion that Biden is largely unelectable in this fall’s presidential election against former President Donald Trump. Also, the downward-spiraling economy has all Americans, regardless of party, paying much more for everyday items than they were just a few years ago.

Interestingly, fewer Republicans than Democrats—only 43 percent—gave a positive answer to the question concerning removing Biden from the Democratic presidential ticket. That result likely reflects the opinion by most Republicans that Biden’s chances of an election victory this fall are low.

Biden’s war on guns, gun owners, and firearms manufacturers and retailers has been a thorn in the side of the Second Amendment since he took office in January 2021. From the first day Biden has sought to ban so-called “assault weapons,” outlaw the private sale of firearms and repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act (PLCAA), which protects gun makers and sellers from frivolous lawsuits over the criminal misuse of their legally made, lawfully sold products.

While Biden’s only legislative accomplishment has been the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA), passed with the help of a few turncoat Republicans in Congress, his has wreaked far more havoc with his administrative changes and arguably unconstitutional rule making by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

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