Hunter Biden Guilty On All 3 Gun Charges

A Delaware jury on Tuesday found Hunter Biden guilty on all three gun charges after only several hours of deliberating. Breitbart Reports: The historic verdict of the president’s son reflects Hunter’s high stakes gamble to go to trial instead of accepting a revised plea deal proposed in the summer of 2023. Hunter faces up to 25 years in prison […]

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Dems Want Biden Off The Ticket, Hope For Gun Owners?

Could vehemently anti-gun President Joe Biden’s time in the White House soon be coming to an end? Judging by a wane in support among members of his own party, the president’s four-year war on the Second Amendment just might not be extended to eight, as indicated by a new Rasmussen Poll. The Truth About Guns Writes […]

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Biden Wants To INCREASE Background Checks

Biden Moves to try and have the ATF in MORE of your shit by trying to push for background checks on the secondary market. Yahoo News – Under current federal law, background checks are required only for sales by federally licensed dealers. A rule that the ATF proposed last September would expand the definition of […]

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