Coordinated Attack on ATF!

Gun Owners Are Trolling the ATF Hard!

The Biden Administration LOVES to “redefine” things.  Like women, terrorists, voters etc.  But the one thing they love to “redefine” the most is Guns & Gun Parts so their enforcement agencies can round you up and take your rights.  Gun Owners have Fired Back by “redefining” something of their own, but with a little of the proverbial “Go Punch Sand” attitude being fired back.  What are you talking about you may ask?  Who are these Nobel keyboard warriors out doing the lord’s work?  

Easy answer, normal people with a little technological know-how.  Now their work might go unnoticed by most, but If You Know, You Know (IYKYK).  These tech warriors have taken their fight to Google to help “Redefine” the ATF.  See for yourself.



As you can see above these practical jokers not only got the descriptions of their LOCAL offices changed but also other offices around the country, see more below! How does your ATF Identify?


As funny as this is, it’s an effort in the wrong place.  Truly fighting these feds takes money and lawyers, 2 things that the common gun owner doesn’t always have at the same time.  However, you can join the fight for the 2nd Amendment by signing up with ORGS. like G.O.A. (Gun Owners of America) or F.P.C. (Firearms Policy Coalition), 2 organizations that HAVE MONEY, and HAVE LAWYERS out there really hitting at the heart of the problem.

Without of course committing any felonies or conspiracy!

Now the way these guys are doing this is simple. In layman’s terms, google has a recommendation feature, and using this feature, the posters have essentially forced Googles Bots to overwrite what the original content was in the description.  The  “Suggest an Edit” feature that Google displays on your Google My Business listing in fact can be changed by anyone.  Anyone that goes to your Google My Business listing can click the “suggest an edit” link and then type in all sorts of edits to the information that is displayed on your Google My Business listing about your company, without consent. 

We are not talking about trivial information either.  

We are talking about information that is critical to a business, such as how a business name is displayed,  hours of operation, phone number, the products offered, even whether a business is permanently closed or not. All of these pieces of information are fair game to anyone who wants to try and make changes to a piece of business information by clicking the “Suggest an edit” link. 

According to Google, “To keep your Business Profile as accurate as possible, Google uses information from a variety of sources. For example, user reports and licensed content. If sources report the information provided by business owners as incorrect or outdated, the profile will get updates from Google. You can review all such updates.” 

Google also says that it “can update your profile at any time.”   So for you Business owners out there let this be a little lesson for ya, for free!


We at Tactical Shit believe the ATF should be abolished, but for now we will have to settle for “Redefined”.  Carry on you hilarious bastards, and if you want to join in the fun yourself go to the page “Sounds like something the ATF would say.” on Facebook for some more lulz. Don’t forget you too can join the fight by signing up with ORGS. like G.O.A. (Gun Owners of America) or F.P.C. (Firearms Policy Coalition) -FDE">