Buffalo Wild Wings Anti-Gun Policy Stops Armed Robbery… Not really!

A Buffalo Wild Wings in Colorado Springs got a chance to illustrate just how well a company policy banning firearms works on Monday. Hint: They don’t. Two Armed men entered the premises that was clearly marked as a gun free zone and as a result one person was injured. If these companies are going to continue to take away peoples right to defend themselves it would not surprise us if people start holding these companies accountable for putting them at risk of serious injury and bodily harm or death.

Accordign to KKTV11 Customers at a Colorado Springs Buffalo Wild Wings recounted the tense moments at least two armed men held up the restaurant Monday night.

“Well first, I just saw a couple run behind the wall and I thought maybe they were hiding from a friend as a joke or something, but then I saw the girl’s eyes and they just looked terrified,” said witness Hannah Swenson.

“I was like, ‘OK, this isn’t a joke.’”

The Buffalo Wild Wings on North Academy near Woodmen was still bustling when masked robbers sauntered in carrying firearms around 10:20 p.m. Police said at least 20-25 people were inside.

“From my perspective, I saw a male,” said witness John Douglas, describing one of the robbers. “He was dressed in all black, had a black beanie, a black mask, had an assault rifle … he didn’t have it drawn on anybody, he was just, you know, telling them to stay back and stay down.”

“The other guy had the hostess,” Swenson said. “Choking her with the gun to her head.”

Douglas and Swenson crouched down so the men wouldn’t notice them.

“I just started getting out of there, crawling, running, and ran across the street into the nearest neighborhood,” Swenson said.

“We went out and got to safety, and that’s when I called 911 and they showed up in like 10 seconds,” Douglas said.

Police say the robbers were already gone when officers got there. One person inside the restaurant was found injured after having been pistol-whipped by the assailants. No other injuries were reported.

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