Bloomberg’s Media Organization Targets 2A Media Influencers (VIDEO)

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Sig_glockincolt makes yet another list.

Bloomberg’s Media Organization Trying to Get Rid of 2A Social Media

Influencers. People like to joke about 2A influencers but the truth is the best thing to happen to the 2nd Amendment was social media because it gave a voice to Defenders of the Second Amendment where mainstream media would not.

The anti-gunners know this which is why Bloomberg and his media company The TRACE is attempting to drive a wedge between 2A influencers and the 2A companies while trying to insinuate that our advocacy for the 2A incites violence.

They know that if they can make our advocacy look like we are inciting violence, social media platforms will ban our account.

Pro 2A Messages on Performance Face Masks

Help US Further our Pro Constitution, Pro 2A message:">