Shotgun Myths

Shotgun Bullsh!t: Debunking Scattergat Myths

Shotguns get a lot of hate, and honestly, it’s likely because of shotgun users. Many shotgun fans and aficionados exist, and they can be host to a lot of bad information and shotgun myths. The shotgun, in particular, is subject to a number of myths, lies, and disinformation. In short (and in keeping with this […]

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Noisefighters Panobridge

NVG Review: Noisefighters Panobridge

There are many reasons person might want to get into a night vision goggle system: self-defense, star gazing, hunting, or even for career/employment purposes. Regardless of the driving need or desire, the biggest issue with getting into night vision is  almost always the cost of the system. That system can be from a basic, older […]

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Understanding and Increasing Capabilities with a Firearm

Capability – the extent of someone’s or something’s ability. If you carry a firearm for self-defense or work, you should have a firm and current understanding of your capability with that firearm in terms of speed and precision with respect to stress.  I have taken many firearms training courses that contained no qualification or test […]

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How to shoot a handgun better and do other things good too.

It’s You, Not the Gun | Why Most People Miss with a Handgun

The next time you head to the range, look where the other shooter’s shots are impacting their targets. I guarantee that you will find an overwhelming number of misses below the aiming area. Why is that? Are they jerking the trigger or are their sights off? The sights probably aren’t off. Saying the shooter is […]

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