ARMY SFC Arrested After Defending Herself!

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Self defense is not a crime. However, when the Elizabethtown Police Department arrived on the scene they were quick to arrest the victim and not her attacker. Other things that should be noted is that she did not over do it with stopping the attack. She only used to knife to stop the threat and once her attacker retreated she did not pursue her assailant any further.

You can clearly tell by the video that the assailant initiated the contact and threw the first punch. Which leads us to ask what is going on?

We back Law Enforcement. But we also back our veterans and active service members. There’s even surveillance footage that appears to confirm her side of the story. Yet she was still arrested even though shes the one that was being attacked, made the call to 911, and acted out of self defense? Even her superiors at are standing behind her. Trust us. If you are ever in the wrong legally the military WILL NOT support you, so that says a lot in this case.

According to Wave3 Police charged Kai Waters, 33, with felony assault in connection to a road rage incident in Elizabethtown in February. Waters says she now has proof that she was not the aggressor. She spoke with WAVE 3 News, claiming Elizabethtown police who arrived on scene assumed she was the attacker because of her age and race before looking at all the evidence.

Waters alleges the woman she stabbed followed her to a gas station and then attacked her.The native of Chicago told WAVE 3 News what her life was like eight months ago, when she was moving to Hardin County from New York to take a job for which she was recruited.

“I’m worried,” she said. “I’m concerned, I’m scared and I’m terrified.”

That’s because Waters now has a mugshot and a felony charge.

Around 5 p.m. on Feb. 22, 2019, Waters said she was headed home on Patriot Parkway. Waters said she noticed a woman driving aggressively behind her as well as another car and Waters said the woman clearly wanted them out of the fast lane.

“She started honking her horn and pulled next to me,” Waters said.

Waters said with her windows down, the woman started shouting racial slurs at her.

“She called me a black b—-, and said ‘your kind,’” Waters said. “She said, ‘I’m so tired of your people’ and all this.”

Waters said the woman bumped her car, so she called 911 and pulled over at a busy gas station off Cardinal Drive where people could see what was happening instead of continuing on to her home.

The whole situation sounds sketchy as hell. What are your thoughts?


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