After UK Parliament attack, NYPD and other departments increase security

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Police forces in the U.S. are stepping up security measures after a vehicle drove through a crowd on London’s Westminster Bridge and a suspect was shot outside the Parliament building in what is being described by police as a “terrorist incident.”

(FOX)- Fox News has learned that security officials at the U.S. Capitol have an “increased situational awareness” after the incidents in London but security measures remain the same.

The New York Police Department is monitoring the situation in London and has increased security at high-profile locations, including the British Consulate and the United Nations Mission, according to WABC.

J. Peter Donald, the NYPD’s assistant commissioner for communication, said long gun teams would also be deployed at City Hall and Grand Central Terminal, but that there is “no info linking London attack to NYC at this point.”

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said in a press statement that it is “in close contact with our British counterparts to monitor the tragic events and to support the ongoing investigation. At this time our domestic security posture remains unchanged.”

The U.S. State Department tweeted a warning that citizens in London should “remain vigilant, exercise caution, and monitor local news for updates.”

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