ALERT: A Massive Explosion Has Happened Over Montana…

Danielle | February 4, 2023 |

What the hell is going on in America these days? There have been numerous reports of an explosion in the sky above Montana. It is unknown whether this is related to the reported Chinese spy balloon. Montana Governor Greg Gianforte claims that despite knowing about the balloon, no one in the Pentagon informed him. Gianforte […]

Fifth Circuit Panel Reverses Ban on Gun Possession If Under A Restraining Order….

Danielle | |

A three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Zachary Rahimi’s conviction for possessing a firearm while under a domestic violence restraining order. That, however, was before the Supreme Court handed down the Bruen decision. The panel then withdrew its opinion and requested more briefing in light of Bruen. Today, the panel unanimously reversed […]

Illegal Firearm Possession Leads to Arrest in Missouri….

Danielle | |

A Springfield, Mo., man faces charges in federal court for illegally possessing a firearm. Timothy Zegar, 39, was charged in a criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in Springfield on Tuesday, Jan. 31, with one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Zegar, who was arrested on Wednesday, remains in […]

Shock Discovery: Coast Guard Uncovers $33 Million Worth of Hash and Meth!

Danielle | |

The U.S. Coast Guard seized $33 million worth of drugs from a fishing vessel that was smuggling narcotics in the Gulf of Oman on Tuesday, according to U.S. Naval Forces Central Command. More than 8,800 pounds of hashish and about 1,128 pounds of methamphetamine were found by Coast Guard cutter Emlen Tunnell. The ship was patrolling waters […]

Shots Fired Ep: 168 Bump Stocks are Back Baby!

The Notorious FDE | February 3, 2023 |

In this episode we get a full house, meaning not only did Marc with a C ( Head of Tactical Shit’s FFL Dept.), but also the return of FDE!  Back on track from all of our Shot Show action, the group sits down to discuss not only the return of bump stocks but also new […]

AWFUL: A Republican Politician Was Gunned Down In Front Of Her Home..

Danielle | February 2, 2023 |

A 30-year-old Republican councilwoman from New Jersey was shot and killed in front of her home. She was in her car, desperately trying to flee some maniac who was tailing her and shooting wildly… However, she was hit, crashed her car, and was pronounced dead at the scene. When the cops arrived, the scene at […]

Woman Takes To Twitter To Complain About Man Open Carrying & Immediately Regrets It

Danielle | |

On Friday, an Arizona woman took to Twitter to express her displeasure with a man exercising his Second Amendment rights, but her tweet did not receive the response she expected. Sharon Loeff posted a photo of a man openly carrying a gun at a grocery store in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Friday, saying she thought it […]

Elderly Man Gets Attacked In Home Till He Grabs His Gun and Instantly Turns the Tables…

Danielle | |

When two criminals broke into the home of an 80-year-old Chicago man and began beating him, the victim was able to escape with his life thanks to a legally owned firearm. The Chicago Police Department told WMAQ-TV that the unidentified elderly man, who lives near O’Hare International Airport, was the victim of a home invasion […]

Biden Is Learning the Gun Control Industry Will Simply Never….

Danielle | February 1, 2023 |

In a letter to Biden first obtained by POLITICO, the [gun control] groups are heating up the pressure campaign ahead of the president’s State of the Union address next week. The coalition of 117 organizations also called for a series of executive actions and for the White House to detail how it plans to implement the […]

WHOA: Something Happened Before The “Rust” Shooting That May End Alec Baldwin…

Danielle | |

The shooting of Alec Baldwin’s “Rust,” in which he shot and killed his cinematographer, has received a lot of attention. I didn’t expect him to be charged because I’m jaded and believe all scumbag elites can get away with murder. However, he was charged, and after that, left-wingers and Hollywood elites rushed to his defense, […]

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