4 US soldiers wounded after an IED attack in Afghanistan

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A vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attack left four US soldiers wounded in Kandahar, Afghanistan on Monday, a US military spokesman said.

Business Insider writes

The suicide vehicle reportedly hit a military convoy near Kandahar Air Field, a major US base in Afghanistan, according to a provincial spokesperson in a Stars and Stripes report.

The soldiers, who are reportedly in stable condition, are receiving care from US medical facilities, the Military Times reported. No coalition forces were killed after the attack, the Military Times reported.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, in addition to other attacks on Monday, according to multiple reports. In western Farah province, eight Afghan police officers were reportedly killed in their sleep, after insurgents wearing night-vision goggles ambushed them in their beds.

President Donald Trump recently increased troop numbers in Afghanistan, where the US has been at war for 16 years. At least 15,000 US troops are deployed in the country, with plans tosend more, according to US officials.


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