Pope Francis to TALK to Kim Jong to avert World War 3

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’s leader  has faced opposition to his reckless nuclear programme in countries across the globe – now including the world’s smallest.

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The Vatican City is desperately attempting to open a dialogue between Pyongyang and the Holy See in order to avoid a nuclear war.

The Pope wants to speak to despot Kim directly, a high-ranking cardinal has revealed, in what would be a historic and unexpected intervention.

Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, head of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, admitted he was not sure how this could happen but said dialogue was a priority.

The wheels were already in motion for an unlikely phone call between Pope Francis and Kim, he said.

Cardinal Turkson said: “The dicastery is already in communication with the Korean episcopal conference to see how we may have contact also with the regime on the other side.

“We are exploring the possibilities of speaking to them directly. We cannot say right now exactly when this contact will happen.”

The Vatican does not have diplomatic relations with North Korea, which is top of the list of states in which Christians are persecuted.

Cardinal Turkson had previously urged US leader Donald Trump to end his sabre-rattling and to push for dialogue with Kim instead.

He said last week dialogue was necessary for the “common good” – although he did not explicitly reference North Korea.

Speaking to an audience of UN and NATO officials last Friday, Cardinal Turkson said: “Growing inter-dependence means that any response to the threat of nuclear weapons should be collective and consultative, based on mutual trust.

“This trust can be built only through dialogue that is truly directed to the common good and not to the protection of veiled or particular interests.


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