Who Do You Cheer For? ATF Agent Held Up by a Robbery Crew…

Chicago has been steadily degenerating into a lawless wasteland. The most recent piece of evidence is a heist gang that took “his valuables” from a 33-year-old ATF agent at 2:22 this morning. It took place on the once “Magnificent Mile” in the city. You know, the area of town that was once among the prettiest in a contemporary, cosmopolitan metropolis. It is a crime-filled quagmire today.

The agent, who appeared to be unconscious of his surroundings, was not alone last night as robbery gangs attacked several victims, as they do nearly every day and night these days. Of course, the “no pursuit” policy of the Chicago Police Department encourages this.

The CPD’s position is in line with the mentality of the newly elected Mayor Brandon Johnson, who wants to show compassion and tolerance toward criminals. On Wednesday, he said that “My administration is different” to justify his careless approach to the city’s skyrocketing crime rate.

Chicago voters earlier this year had a choice between a mayor candidate who pledged to address the city’s horrendous crime problem and one who pledged to keep rethinking criminal justice. The city is now receiving what they requested.

CWB Chicago has the story of the ATF agent’s taste of Chicago’s “culture” . . .

At least two vehicles loaded with armed men were actively robbing people downtown and on the North and West sides from late Wednesday into this morning.

On the Mag Mile, a 33-year-old man who identified himself as a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) agent was robbed at gunpoint in the 900 block of North Michigan around 2:22 a.m.

He told police that two men got out of a dark SUV with handguns and took his valuables. They tossed his badge on the ground before fleeing westbound on Delaware, the man reported.

It’s unknown if they took his gun. How likely are things?

When I read a story like this, I want the federal LEO to succeed. Then I recall how the BATF is abusing dealers, robbing licenses, and “convincing” hundreds more to give up their licenses after phony “compliance” inspections when even the smallest paperwork error might prompt the F-Troop to show up in full SWAT gear.

It wasn’t all bad news as the CWB Chicago finished its story with this . . .

In modestly better news, a stolen car used in a host of armed robberies earlier this week crashed as Illinois State Police troopers pursued it in Bronzeville on Wednesday evening.

At least two people were arrested after the Kia SUV slammed into a utility pole.

As CWBChicago reported yesterday, Chicago cops spotted the Kia while it was being used in an active robbery spree early Wednesday, but CPD supervisors ordered officers not to engage with the vehicle.

It took the Illinois State Police to actually apprehend the bad guys after Chicago Police brass ordered cops not to chase the armed robbers who had just crashed their stolen getaway vehicle. Is there any mystery as to why Chicago is where they are now?