WAY TO GO, MAMA: Gun-Packin’ Mom Thwarts Attempted Child Abduction!

Hats go to the Des Moines mother who prevented her child’s kidnapping without using her concealed carry weapon. The potential kidnappers were apprehended without creating any new wounds or bleeding out, and the mother received her child back unharmed. However, the story could have gone very differently.

On Thursday, a pair attempted to seize a small kid while claiming to be his parents. The male half took the child and made an attempt to depart when the real mother confronted the pair.

Mom then drew her revolver and told the would-be kidnappers the truth, asking them to “Let go of my kid.” They gave up on the attempted kidnapping at that point and ran away.

Fortunately, a security guard tracked down the couple and called the police, who were able to make an arrest.

The Des Moines Register reports:

Shay Lindberg, manager of the Hubbell Tower Apartments, was armed when Laurie Potter, 56, and Michael Ross, 43, allegedly tried to take the child Jan. 5.

According to an incident report, the incident occurred at 904 Walnut St. in downtown Des Moines, where the skywalk passes through the Hubbell Tower Apartments building. Potter and Ross are charged with felony child stealing.

Lindberg did not know Potter and Ross, who are homeless, according to a report. She was in her office getting ready to leave when she saw Potter and Ross walking back and forth in front of her door. Potter was waving at her son.

Thinking they just wanted to apply for a job, Lindberg decided to leave.

That’s when Potter started telling Lindberg to give her back her son and crouched down to the child, saying she was his real mother, according to the report. Potter said the boy’s real father was Thor, then grabbed the child by the arm and started to run away, the report said.

Again, hats off to mom for exercising admirable restraint.

Police also praised the woman. From WHO:

Sergeant Paul Parizek of the Des Moines Police Department says this is one example of a lawfully-possessed gun doing something well. “It certainly looks like the big turning point here, the pivotal piece to keeping her child safe was the fact that she was lawfully-armed with a handgun, and she produced it and told them ‘let go of my kid.’”

I can honestly say that if someone tried to steal my child even as an adult, they would probably be met with a wise but copious dose of ballistic therapy – without, of course, putting my child at risk.