Watch in Disbelief as this Sociopath ‘Influencer’ Breaks the Law Without Consequence

In the same way that a civilization with weapons is polite, one without weapons is boorish. At least when it comes to young toughs who are unconcerned with the law, the property of others, or their own safety. Enter Mizzy, a British sociopath with a half-witted personality. He is a one-man crime wave that posts footage of his adventures on TikTok in exchange for likes.

Of course, British police are powerless to stop him when he enters people’s houses. It’s no great issue when he gets into their autos. There are no repercussions when he and his friends steal from stores. Only when he attacked many Orthodox Jews in public did he receive a full 36-hour hold before being freed and given a hug by Granny.

To people, he displays complete arrogance. But in the former Great Britain, the poor had no right to defend themselves. or the appropriate weapons for self-defense.

Paul Joseph Watson covered it.  And the “found out” was the 36 whole hours in jail.  Assuming he didn’t have his phone that was probably horrific to “Mizzy.”


Is that the sort of nation where we want to live?

Oh yes, and the comments are priceless…

  • Reinforcing every black stereotype i can think of.

  • Walking into random houses is a great way to become an organ donor.

  • mizzy knows he’s a protected class and knows he can do anything.

  • As soon as he asked those people if they wanted to die, legally it’s a death threat, and self defense becomes eligible.

  • He’s doing a wonderful job with race relations! I’m sure everyone he interacts with will have nothing but positive feelings and trust for every black person they encounter, in the future

  • This is what happens when you take away people’s right to defend themselves…I dare Mizzy to transfer his act over to Florida or Texas and see what happens.

  • What did he find out? He found out that he can do anything he wants and will face ZERO consequences.

  • I’ll pay for a plane ticket for them to come try this prank in rural America. It will be their best video yet.

  • He’s a cowardly bully and he chooses his victims very carefully. Let’s see him try it on an alpha male.">