War Drums in Ferguson

Yet another night of unrest for the City of Ferguson.  Today the autopsy results were released by the St. Louis Post Dispatch further indicating that Officer Darren Wilson did NO WRONG in shooting the 300 pound Mike Brown since Mr. Browns blood was on the officers gun and powder burns were deep in damaged tissue proving that there WAS a struggle in the police cruiser for the officers gun.  Further reports show that the bullet wound to Brown’s arm were conclusive that his hands “could not have been up in the surrender position” and furthermore that the kill shot to the top of his head was indicative that he was leaning forward coming at the officer when he was shot.

Tonight protests have erupted on South Florissant road (the nice part of Ferguson)

The protest includes some of your favorite chants, like F*ck the Police and the “We Gonna Burn This Sh*t Down” other  favorites like “No Justice No Peace” and the classic “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” have been dramatically improved through the addition of Jungle War Drums which can be heard in the streets.

Additionaly they are using projectors to post a WANTED POSTER of Officer Darren Wilson on the sides of buildings.