Two High School Principals In Liberal City Given The Boot After They Found Coke And Loaded Gun On Them In…

Two elementary school principals were placed on leave in a stunning incident that occurred in a Seattle suburb, and it involved one of them having a confrontation with the police while high on cocaine and carrying a loaded gun at a grocery store.

The two principals, Michael and Meghan Griffin, are married and each serves as the head of a different Northshore School District primary school.

Responding officers reported that Michael was suffering delusional delusions, had ‘white powder’ on his lips, and had dilated pupils.

According to reports, Michael stated that his wife was attempting to contact him through covert notes while she was being trafficked.

“Someone got ahold of her and…their…it’s like a trafficking thing. She has something on her that they can see or like she is communicating with them. She has been writing me notes, you have to trust me”. He said to the police.

Michael pointed at people in the grocery store and stated there is a “team” of people observing them, and he added that there were others in the parking lot, giving the impression to police that he was being gang-followed.

Additionally, he said that they were attempting to enter his car while pointing at an Amazon truck that was close by.

Officers later discovered his wife, Meghan, and her kids at the grocery store. She claimed her husband had become increasingly hostile over the past month and was concerned that she was having an affair with an old college acquaintance.

The Post-Millenial Reports:

Two Seattle-area elementary school principals are on leave after their drug use was exposed when one of them was found high on cocaine with a loaded gun at a local grocery store.

Michael and Meghan Griffin, husband and wife, are both elementary school principals in the Northshore School District in Bothell, Washington, and have been placed on administrative leave through the end of the school year.

Michael is the principal at Sunrise Elementary and Meghan is the principal at Moorlands Elementary.

According to police documents obtained by The Post Millennial, on April 30, officers responded to a disturbance call at the QFC on 161 Ave NE in Redmond and found Michael “in a paranoid state likely under the influence of cocaine.”">