This Aint Your Granddaddy’s Lever Gun

Lever Guns are making a comeback because of companies like Ranger Point Precision who creates innovative modern parts & Shows like Yellow Stone & 1883 bringing lever guns back to the TV screen.

All of Ranger Point Precisions parts are manufactured in-house and They are proud to be a ‘Made in USA’ firearm parts manufacturer. Ranger Point Precision invest heavily in research and development to constantly design new performance parts for Henry Repeating Arms, Marlin Firearms, Winchester Repeating Arms, and Rossi 92 lever-action rifles year over year. All of Ranger Point Precisions parts work with the newest rifles as well as are backwards compatible to work with rifles built as early as 1950.

On the Marlin we are running the Mod Stock from Ranger Point Precision which fits the marlin , 336 & The 1895 as well as many others. It has the m-lock plate and the 6 round quiver.

The 6 round quiver delivers easy access to extra rounds whenever you need them.

The Mod Stock weighs a total of 27 ounces.

We get plenty adjustability and QD mounts as well as swivel mounts to run a sling. If you are left handed you can move the plate that holds the 6 round quiver to the other side with nothing but a allen key.

As for the adjustability for the stock you have got 4 Allen set screws that fight each other to keep the stock triangulated where you want it.

If you need to drop you optic down you push the butt pad up which changes the entire geometry of the firearm.

If you want to use your sling to carry the gun over your shoulder your in luck because you have 4 different QD mounts 2 for the side & 1 on the bottom of the rail in the front and one located in the back on the bottom of the stock.

On muzzle duty we got the Ranger Point Precision comet muzzle brake which does a great job at managing the little recoil this fireman actually has.">