The Most Brutal, AND Sexy flash light review EVER

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Tactical Shit gets a hold of the TAC5 Flashlight and we thrash the hell out of it, watch the full video HERE

So, that was pretty crazy right?  After dragging the Tac5 Tac1200 behing the Hummer, and then behind the boat, we sent it back and are currently waiting for our replacement.

Granted, this is alot more abuse than most people will EVER put a flash light through. We are VERY surprised it held up as well as it did.  The coolest part was watching it being drug while it was STILL ON!

Knowing that the company would stand behind their product was the best part. However the knowledge that even if the light went down, we could just send it back in and get a new one.
That is something rarely seen from any manufacture today.

Click on through and check out Tac5 and all their products HERE


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