The Freedom Window Is Open For California Ammo Buyers

Tactical Shit is now shipping ammunition directly to California customers as this law has been struck down!

Released earlier today, U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez in San Diego said the background checks have “no historical pedigree,” and violate the Second Amendment by treating all citizens as having no right to buy ammunition.  Issuing a BLOCK to enforce any background check on ammo shipping to or sold to any resident of California.

Benitez said about 1 million ammunition background checks are conducted each year in the state and 11% are rejected, a rate he said was excessive.

“Today, a person may choose to submit to a full credit check to buy an automobile,” the judge wrote. “But he is not required to pass the same credit check every time he needs to refill his car with gas or recharge his battery at a charging station. And the Constitution does not mention a right to own automobiles.”

This means that until the 9th Circuit court goes through the process of issuing a stay, which has already been turned down once before, Californians will be able to order ammo online & delivered as well as purchase it in their local stores harassment-free!

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