The 2nd Amendment Is More Popular Than Ever—-Hits Record High!

A recent NBC News survey revealed a great number amid an unparalleled boom of gun ownership across the United States: more than half of American voters, a whopping 52%, indicate that they or someone in their home possesses a gun.

This statistic, the highest in the NBC News poll’s history, extending back to 1999, demonstrates a substantial cultural shift in the American electorate’s attitude toward gun ownership.

This tendency, however, is not a passing fad. Gun ownership has consistently increased over the last decade. In 2013, just 42% of Americans reported having a gun in their home. This figure increased to 46% in 2019 and has already reached its current high.​

These numbers may surprise some people, but Alan Gottlieb, the chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), sees them as a typical response to societal changes.

NBC News Poll 2023: Do you, or does anyone in your household, own a gun of any kind?

He attributes this increase to causes such as a reduction in police enforcement personnel and an increase in violent crime. Gottlieb is adamant that Americans rely on their Second Amendment rights for personal and family protection, a core right he feels is sometimes regarded as a government-regulated privilege.

“Why should anyone, including NBC News, be surprised by this revelation? Owning a firearm in this country is a right protected by the Second Amendment and almost all state constitutions, even though far too many politicians treat it as a government-regulated privilege” ~ Alan Gottlieb.

The study, which was conducted from November 10 to 14, polled 1,000 registered voters and revealed a party difference in gun ownership.

41% of Democrats, 45% of independents, and 66% of Republican voters report having a gun in their home.

This discrepancy has been largely stable over time.

However, an interesting development is the rising rate of gun ownership among Black voters. From a mere 24% in 2019, it has jumped to 41% in 2023, indicating a broader acceptance and exercise of gun rights across different racial groups​.

There is still work to be done for 2A campaigners. According to the NBC News survey, Americans are virtually equally divided in their anxiety over government control of weapons. Approximately 48% feel the government will not do enough to limit gun availability, while 47% believe the government will go too far in restricting gun rights, revealing a society split yet unified in its ambivalence toward gun ownership.

This shift in gun ownership demographics and attitudes highlights a deeper story. Gottlieb comments on the apparent cultural shift, applauding the rise in responsible gun ownership and training. Despite continuous arguments and efforts to limit the Second Amendment, he views this as evidence of Americans assuming personal responsibility for their own protection.

“Gun ownership is rising across the national landscape,” Gottlieb observed, “and we are encouraged by what appears to be a cultural shift in America. More people, of all backgrounds, are taking personal responsibility for their safety and that of their families. We appear to be witnessing a significant change in how people look at gun ownership. We have all seen that the gun control and ban agenda has been an abject failure. Crime rates are up in many places. Restrictive gun laws have not disarmed criminals, only the law-abiding.”

These findings point to a profound shift in the American mentality. The United States appears to be embracing its Second Amendment rights more than ever, with rising rates of gun ownership, particularly among previously lower-owning categories. This tendency, however, continues to spark discussion about the appropriate balance of gun rights and restrictions, a fight as American as the right to carry weapons itself.">