Student Jailed For Breaking COVID Rules, Asks President Trump For Help (VIDEO)

According to The Gateway Pundit

18-year-old pre-med student Skylar Mack was arrested for forgetting to use a COVID tracking device during a mandatory 14-day isolation period in the Cayman islands.

Skylar has twice tested negative for COVID-19 and her family has appealed to President Trump directly.

The White House responded to her family’s plea by forwarding her case to the appropriate federal agency.

Skylar’s grandmother Jeanne Mack said about Skylar, “She cries. She just wants to come home. She knows she made a mistake. She doesn’t. She owns up to that. But she’s-. She’s pretty hysterical right now.”

Jeanna also said, “It’s not like her to make this kind of a mistake. And but she knows she screwed up. She knows she should have to pay for it.”

Jonathan Hughes who is the attorney for Skylar Mack said, “This particular sentence would have a particularly harsh effect on her, and the court ought to have considered that the individual before it, not just the crime.”

Cayman Islands Governor, Martyn Roper stated, “All of us have to show individual and collective responsibility if we’re going to effectively deal with this pandemic.”

The grandmother stated, “We’re not asking for her to get an exception. We’re asking for her not to be the exception. Skylar is the last person we thought something like this would happen to. And the fact that this can happen to a kid like her is scary.”

Both Mack and Ramgeet apologized in court with letters.

Mack wrote, “I made the biggest mistake of my life so far. I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest apologies to both the government and the community of the Cayman Islands.”

Ramgeet wrote, “I should have known better than to put our community at risk as I did.”">