Shot Show 2022 Faxon 8.6 BLK Video Review

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8.6 is BLK is the 300BLK big brother. 300BLK is designed for AR15 and 8.6BLK is designed for AR-10.

For 300BLK all you have to do is switch you barrell it’s the same for 8.6BLK, and it uses a .308 bolt ,308 mags.

The other big thing that 8.6 BLK does is it uses a fast twist barrel which is a 1 & 3 which takes a little bit of the energy from the sound and flash then converts it to energy on target.

Subsonic is terminal performance at 450-600 meters.

The energy on target out of a 12 inch barrel at 600 meters is the same as a .45ACP at the muzzle.

Watch The Video To See More!

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