Rare Breed Sues Big Daddy for Patent Infringement

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This Information comes from the owner of Rare Breed Triggers Lawrence DeMonico

“First We had court today and in our court case nothing was decided the can was kicked down the road.”

“The Point of the hearing today was to discuss with the court what we plan to do in the evidentiary hearing has been set for october 4th .”

“The court wanted to know how many witnesses we plan to bring and how long they will need.”

“We have been giving an entire day for the hearing which is fantastic. The defendants the DOJ & ATF have already filed a motion of eliminamy and plan to file another.”

“They are arguing that we should not  be given the opportunity to submit evidence or provide a witness testimony they are arguing that the court should make there ruling on their information alone which is about as messed up as messed up gets.”

“But that is the situation that is the issue we are currently facing we will make that argument and see how it plays out.”

“We may not know whether we can submit evidence or have expert witnesses until the day of the hearing so hopefully we will find out sooner.”

“Until October 4th nothing new is gonna be gained so this is where we are at.”

Second Update

“Boom this is a lawsuit we filed a lawsuit for patent infringement against BDU Yesterday in the northern district of florida.”

“In my last video I told everyone if you infringe we are gonna take action and id like to think people are smart enough to realize if we are willing to fight the ATF, DOJ and Attorney General that we are gonna fight people that infringe on our patent. ”

“So the lawsuit was filed yesterday the defendants are being served today.”

“So that said I don’t really have anything to add to that it is what it is.”

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