House Reps Just Blew A Massive Hole In The Second Amendment. Act NOW Before It Is Too Late!

Re-posted from FreedomClash| When I was a child, we were taught that one of the easiest documents to understand was the Constitution. There were set cut and dry rules that governed the way things were and pretty much everyone understood them, even liberals for the most part.

Then everyone got their heads up their backsides and began trying to distort the rule-book to fit their agenda. It was one of those things that crept on us so quickly that most folks didn’t even notice it was happening. One by one, brick by brick, the Democratic Party has begun to chip away at our rights. One of the most important ones, the Second Amendment. Which if you boil it down enough, is the right to defend ourselves.

Now, Pelosi and her cretins are getting away to vote on a measure in the House that will restrict guns to the point where it wouldn’t be surprising that they eventually get to outlawing squirt guns. I know it’s a glib point to make at such a serious point in our history as free Americans, but I am as serious as a heart attack.

What they are trying to do with this crooked bill they are trying to sneak in on a day when they THINK that nobody is paying attention is change the definition of an assault weapon itself. We have pretty much all agreed for decades what the definition of an assault weapon was. Now they are trying to broaden the definition to include any semi automatic handgun that has a detachable magazine. Think about that for a second…ANY semi automatic handgun with a detachable magazine.

If HR 1808 reaches Pres. Biden’s desk:

ARs will be BANNED

AKs will be BANNED

Many semi-auto handguns will be BANNED

Many semi-auto shotguns will be BANNED

AR Pistols will be BANNED

Any firearm with a threaded barrel will be BANNED

That basically means anything but a revolver like you would have seen in a John Wayne movie; and that also means the vast majority of firearms that law abiding gun owners use for personal protection.

They are trying to limit the ability for law abiding American patriots to protect themselves. As you all know, that is one of the first steps to where they expand their control on you. If you can’t defend yourself, they will try to get you to fall in line more and more with their liberal agenda.

And the worst part of it, is that Pelosi is trying to get people to pass through this bill that urinates all over your rights without giving people enough time to read the damn thing. This is why we need to step up and do all we can to preserve our Second Amendment rights because next time there may not be a next time!