Oregon Man Defends Himself When Antifa and Gets Arrested

According to New York Post

video shows the moment a man defends himself against Antifa protesters as they Smashed demonstrators Car Windows that were taking part in a Freedom Rally near the Oregon state Capitol on Sunday.

The older man — wearing an American flag sweatshirt — was filmed in Salem initially getting out of his pickup truck to survey the damage allegedly caused by the Antifa mob.

He initially appeared calm as the counter-protesters dressed all in black surrounded and mocked him, with some threateningly aiming canisters at him throughout the confrontation.

But the squabble took an ugly turn after he was either sprayed in the face or struck with an object — prompting him to flinch and draw his weapon on the crowd.

“Get away from me!” he shouted, he then proceeded to draw his gun in defence of himself.

As the mob screamed about his loaded gun, an armed officer quickly approached and forced the driver to the ground, with a large force of riot police quickly swarming the scene.

Oregon State Police Capt. Tim Fox told The Oregonian that the man — who was not identified — had not yet been arrested, and that officers were still investigating the case.