One Site to rule them ALL

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Everyday, there are more “Closed” or “Secret” groups popping up on facebook, with strange names like STL Best Page, Over The Rainbow, and more…What are these pages for?  Well the secondary firearm sales market.  MOST of the groups are closely watched, and all of the members have to be vetted before they are let in….However, these pages get shut down ALL THE TIME.  Causing the members to pack up and start anew every few months.  This was normal, until NOW.

Introducing United Gun Group, which is basically EVERYTHING you need to know in a name.  The brain child of Todd Underwood. UGG was formed and implemented under one idea, FREEDOM.  Todd was tired of seeing the 1st amendment being infringed upon in regards to the 2nd amendment.  With sites like Facebook shutting down, and limiting firearm related pages and groups, and youtube throttling videos that have firearm related content, there are few refuse for the avid or recreational shooter to talk.  Unless you want to go to forums and deal with the trolls and keyboard commandos that have fought in every war ever and will guaranteed shoot better than you.

Then here comes UGG, which is basically everything you ever wanted all in one place.  Wanna hang out with your favorite gun guys?  Outstanding, UGG has you covered.  Wanna watch some kick ass videos while you should be working?  UGG has you covered.  Wanna SELL or EXPAND, your liberal stroke inducing firearm collection? UGG HAS YOU COVERED.  Every person on the site is there for the same reason you are going to be there, the love of shit that goes boom.

As far as buying or selling firearms you need to consider UGG, they were listed in the TOP 4 places to sell and buy firearms online, and they also sold George Zimmerman’s pistol, for around $250 GRAND!

There is only really 1 RULE at UGG and it’s very simple, Legal shit is OK, illegal shit is NOT OK.  We are all adults here, and you should be mature enough to keep your shit straight, so the respect needs to be given from day one.  Rule #1 is the golden and only rule that pushes UGG to the top of the private sales list.  UGG gives it’s members FULL ACCESS from day 1 to do whatever they want, and say WHATEVER they want.

With it’s 50k members UGG is quickly growing, and so is E-commerce.  The buying and selling online is not the future, it’s already here, and UGG knows this, this is why most of your favorite gun shops are already selling on UGG.  The days of mom and pop gun shops, and seedy gunshows are in their death throws, and nobody wants to pay big box store prices anymore.  So go on over to UGG and get UNITED today!  The UGG gives the ability for any PERSON or COMPANY to go out and create a FREE site to get their pew pew on!


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