Navy Veteran Uses Music and Ministry to help Fellow Veterans

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I have worked with many veterans charities and support groups over the years as a writer in the firearms community.

I have always felt as though I could be doing more. I am a Christian, and have always felt that the mission to help fellow Veterans is something I should be doing.

I decided to take what I know and use it to help others. I am a musician as well as a writer and veteran. So I put it all together. Writing music, blogs and educating others as to the Veterans issues in this country.

Not just to help others but also to maybe help educate those that have never served. A person can’t understand the trials and tribulations that military personnel have gone through or are going through, if they themselves have never been through it.

Bible studies and counseling are just a few of the things that “The Fisherman Soldier” Ministry will be doing. In the Pittsburgh area, I have found only a handful of programs that offer help and support; and God Bless them…they are swamped!

So I created “The Fisherman Soldier“.

The name comes from our two part mission. To be “Fishers of man” and “Soldiers of God”. We don’t force the issue of faith or religion, but for me personally; that is how I have been able to survive and heal.

We plan on doing more than just meetings. Food drives, helping homeless Veterans, the sky is the limit with what we can do. This is all volunteer, and so far have had many people offer to help. I just wanted to spread the word about what I am doing and maybe inspire more to do something similar.



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