More Laws Needed Because Gun Kit Sales “Seem to Be on the Rise

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According to Firearms Chronicles

The Boston Globe ran an editorial in support of the Democrats’ latest gun control push and bolstered their position by suggesting gun kit sales “seem to be on the rise.” The Globe is backing Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s (D-CT) push for new regulations on “ghost guns” and the gun kits from which such guns are built. Breitbart News reported Blumenthal’s claim that such guns are “untraceable,” yet he also claimed to know there are currently elevated sales of such guns.

Blumenthal did not say how he has traced the sales of “untraceable” firearms.

The Globe threw its weight behind the gun control effort, citing “a spokesman for the Massachusetts State Police…[who told the Globe] that sales of gun kits and parts seem to be on the rise.” The alleged increase in “ghost guns” referenced by police was in reference to last year, not this year.

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