Man Arrested After Scaring Away Mugger with Blasts From His Gun!

A guy was jailed in New York City after he fired warning bullets at a would-be mugger.

Before the warning shots were fired, the mugger, a 49-year-old homeless guy, attempted to mug a 40-year-old lady.

Because no one was injured in the confrontation, many people are wondering why the man was detained.

Fox News has more on the story:

The NYPD arrested John Rote, 43, of Queens, on Wednesday afternoon, hours after asking for the public’s help tracking him down in connection with an altercation on the 49th Street NRW station platform the evening before.

Rote overheard Matthew Roesch, the mugging suspect, demanding the woman give him money, or he’d steal her purse, according to authorities.

Rote is accused of firing shots, interrupting the attempted robbery without striking anyone. Surveillance images show him calmly walking out through the turnstile, carrying a tote bag from a popular camera store, a green bookbag and a tablet.

Now he faces charges of criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a firearm and menacing.

Rote could not immediately be reached for comment.

“I want to be clear: we don’t tolerate this kind of conduct in NYC Transit, period,” the city’s top transit official, Richard Davey, said in a statement after Rote’s arrest. “Once again cameras recorded a perpetrator, and we are grateful the NYPD made an arrest within hours. Thank goodness nobody was hurt here – but what occurred was outrageous, reckless, and unacceptable.”

What is it that New York City will not tolerate?

Are you defending yourself?

Taking a stand against criminals?

That appears to be the pattern in a crime-ridden city where Democrats continue to let criminals go free.


ABC 7 New York shares more on the story:

“We’re here to tell New Yorkers that this kind of misbehavior will not be tolerated, we’re going to work with the NYPD to bring these two perpetrators to justice,” said NYC Transit President Richard Davey.

The crime is raising awareness about two issues that the MTA is working hard to address: guns in the subway system and fare evasion.

Data from the NYPD shows that gun arrests are up 39.3% from this time last year and fare evasion arrests are up 144.5%.

“Weapons shouldn’t be on the streets of New York, they are, and if that occurs, what happens on the streets has come down to our subways,” Davey said. “We need to get a handle on the gun issue certainly in the city.”

The only thing keeping that woman from being mugged is a gun.

Things may have been a lot worse if the man hadn’t been there when they were.

Many people would have utilized the mugging to escalate the situation and hurt the mugger.

This man ought to be recognized for merely shooting a warning shot.">