Male MMA Fighter Beats the Snot Out of Female MMA Fighter

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Equal Rights but not Equal Fights.

According to The Gateway Pundit

You can thank a leftist for this ghoulish entertainment.

Male MMA fighter Piotr Lisowski beat the snot out of female MMA fighter Ula Siekacz in a grudge match in Poland.

The fight lasted less than two rounds before the ref called it.

Girl power.

Video footage showed the brutal beatdown female fighter Ula Siekacz received at the hands of male fighter Piotr Lisowski — identified by the sun as Piotrek Muaboy — on Friday night.

According to a Monday report from the Sun, the referee was forced to stop the match after Muaboy pinned a defenseless Siekacz and began pummeling her with punches.

The fight, which took place at a hotel in the Polish city of Czestochowa, saw Muaboy take home a brutal TKO victory.

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