Jame Yeager Banned off of youtube, WHO WILL BE NEXT?

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With Google announcing the Hiring of 10k SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) to hound the shit out of everyone on social media with their communist LBGTXYZABC agenda we are already seeing the precursor to what looks like the Internets version of WW3:


The First Causilty seems to be the one and only James Y. of Tactical Response


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Since his banning fans have been reaching out on utubes platform with the “Un-ban James” movment as seen here.

which is a champaine in which James himself has asked fans to put up videos asking utube to unban him.

Unban James Yeager #unbanjamesyeager

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Looking onto Jame’s utube channel it says that the account has been terminated for violating the community standards.  Not just shut down, but clean slated and wiped, meaning his OC will now longer be able to be viewed by his many fans.  While reasons why are still unclear, it has been utube’s policy of making it hard for 2A guys to run channels on this platform, and it’s just not the “tactical” channels that are effected, People like Hickock45 IV8888, and Forgotten Weapons have ALSO felt the heat of the “Krowns” fiery ban hammer.  Here is a COPY of the Letter that James Received

Now James has always stood out in “internet gun shows”  and love him, or hate him, you have to admit that he is one of us.  Whether you consider him a brother or that crazy uncle you see during the holidays, he deserves the respect for what he did, which was bring his love of guns n’ stuff to a shit ton of people and maybe turn a couple internet tough guys into actual tough guys in one of his classes.  We wish the best to James and hope that he gets his shit straight, and gets back to making videos again.  For those of you that need it you can still get your daily Yeager fix HERE at his Instagram  James had  330,377 Subs when the channel was removed.

Here is the AUDIO from that Podcast…


Pick through it and start listening around the 40 min. mark, was this the reason?  What do YOU think?

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