Homeowner Defends Himself After Intruder Shoots His Dog…

A John Wick movie can teach you a few things, but perhaps the most important lesson is…don’t mess with a man’s dog. Perhaps Bruce Wayne Murphy isn’t a moviegoer.

Or maybe he’s just a dim bulb who hasn’t picked up on people’s attachment to man’s best friend. In any case, Murphy made a critical error when he broke into a dog owner’s El Paso home on Wednesday.

According to kvia.com the 29-year-old home invader . . .

…forced his way into a home Thursday on the 7500 block of Howard Street in northeast El Paso around 8:56 a.m. There were three people inside the home, including a dog. According to residents, Murphy shot a weapon inside the home, injuring the dog.

“three people, including a dog”

Dogs are unquestionably some of the best people we know, a sentiment apparently shared by El Paso residents. Sean Patrick Suniga, 37, drew his gun and shot Murphy after seeing his dog take a bullet.

Police say Murphy was found at Gateway South and Broaddus Ave. in the middle of the intersection Wednesday around 10 a.m., yelling for help.

Murphy will be charged with habitation burglary once he has recovered. You’d think armed criminal action would be justified as well, but perhaps that’s on the way. Let’s hope the dog survives and recovers completely.