Good Guy With Gun Stops Knife Attack That Wounded Three Women in Suburban Atlanta…

“He stopped the threat. He did shoot the suspect.” Those are the words of Union City, Georgia Police Captain Prentice Brooks summarizing what happened over the weekend when Josh Dobbs saw a man stabbing a woman outside his home.

“I just couldn’t sit there and watch and hear what was going on,” Josh Dobbs told FOX 5’s Kim Leoffler.

Dobbs said he just jumped into action when he heard what he correctly assumed was a woman’s screams coming from the Hidden Lake Apartments.

The unidentified suspect had already stabbed two women and was in the process of slicing up a third when Dobbs shot him. That stopped the attack and the attacker later assumed the ambient temperature at a local hospital.

“We actually commend him for what he did and stepping up,” the captain added.

As do we. For the record, that was one of over 1.6 million defensive gun uses that take place in America every single year. Robberies, rapes, assaults, and murders prevented by…you guessed it…civilians with guns.

We’re constantly informed by people who are firmly convinced of their own intellectual and moral superiority that law-abiding people don’t need and shouldn’t own firearms. The fact that there are people who defend themselves and others — much like Josh Dobbs did — more than 4,000 times a day is completely lost on them.

Fortunately, the opinions of these self-appointed betters are wholly irrelevant. The ink they spill denigrating law-abiding people who choose to own guns is nothing more than mental masturbation.

In the meantime, they’re losing the argument as more of their fellow Americans look around and decide that owning the means to defend themselves and their families is an entirely rational choice. The three women who were attacked in Georgia — and the Union City Police Department — couldn’t be happier that people like Josh Dobbs ignore people like David Frum with extreme prejudice.">