Former CIA Chief Says, U.S. Faces “Serious Threat” of Terror Attack

U.S. faces “serious threat” of terror attack, expert and former CIA chief warn

Alarmed by repeated warnings from top FBI and military officials, a former acting CIA director and a legendary foreign policy thinker write bluntly in Foreign Affairs: “The United States faces a serious threat of a terrorist attack in the months ahead.”

Axios Writes

Why it matters: Michael Morell and Graham Allison write that there are striking echoes of the run-up to 9/11 — including warnings about Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda by then-CIA director George Tenet.

Now, similar warnings are popping up from FBI director Chris Wray and Army Gen. Erik Kurilla — the commander of CENTCOM, which includes the Middle East.
Between the lines: Repeated warnings of this sort from national security officials and experts in the two decades since 9/11 have not come to fruition.

Over that time, terrorism has faded as a national fixation.

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