Florida Man Allegedly Mutilates Someone In ‘Surprise’ Machete Attack At McDonald’s

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According to Crime news

Devin Lowell Quarterman was arrested and charged with attempted murder on Monday, February 10 in connection to the weekend machete attack at the fast food restaurant, according to authorities. He was accused of nearly hacking another man to death with a machete at a McDonald’s

The attack occurred outside the closed McDonald’s shortly before midnight on Feb. 10, authorities said. Upon arrival, police interviewed witnesses, including one man who watched the attack unfold and claimed to be friends with both men.

Tristan Wesley Godsey told police he was walking down the street when Quarterman rode by him on a bicycle roughly an hour before the machete attack. Godsey claimed Quarterman made a cryptic comment about “hunting Cubans,” before telling his friend that “there was going to be a murder at McDonald’s.” Godsey explained that Garcia’s nickname is “Cuba.” He also claimed to have known Quarterman for several years, the criminal complaint stated.


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