Famous Taran Tactical Range Near HollyWood On Fire!

When we first saw this we thought Taran or Keanu had burnt down a stage at the Taran Tactical Training facility in Simi Valley, CA, however it is REALLY JUST ON FIRE as the range has been consumed by the “Easy” Fire in Simi Valley.

Tj just got off the phone with Taran, who is reporting that most of the range has been devastated, they lost their “kill House” as well as tons of ammo and magazines that were store in their ammo depot how ever they were able to save Taran’s house

Taran reports that some celebrities will be coming to visit him tomorrow to help clean up, and even though their House and everyone over at Taran’s ok, even though Taran himself stepped on a nail during the event, they are still under assault from the fire and are not out of the woods yet.

Thankful to be safe. We were able to stop the flames from burning everything down but with that being said, lost a lot. Although we’re safe, the fires not over – the fight continues through the night.
Thank you to all the first responders that helped stop it from burning everything to the ground. Currently with no power, no water or battery left to communicate. Let’s pray we stop these fires completely for anyone else that may be in harms way.??

Here is the range and ammo depo devastation.


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Sorry I wasn’t able to reply to everyone because I was dealing with all the chaos. I also have to give a special thanks to God & my friends who were heroes yesterday. Some were able to make it through the police road block and saved TTI. It was one of the scariest days of my life, this is the seventh fire I’ve dealt with but in the top two of insanity. God is good, he saved our most valuable belongings, all the animals and most importantly US. . One thing I can tell you if you ever deal with a fire, it’s never over when you think it’s over… it’s like having Michael Myers, Jason AND Freddy Krueger – it just keeps coming back. Never underestimate the power of it. Even with serious hoses and the multiple fire extinguishers we had, it still wasn’t enough. I wasn’t as prepared as I would’ve liked to have been but sometimes things are out of your control. We will rebuild and be back up and running soon. God bless all the incredible firefighters that came out to save us? . *Learned lessons: don’t run into a container with hundreds of thousands rounds of ammo with a fire extinguisher, without expecting to burn your eyes and hair out… and nearly pass out from the fumes. @fiocchi_ammunition @hodgedefense @federalpremium @blackhillsammo however, I was able to save my house with that fire extinguisher by putting out another carton of ammo out ? . Special thanks to these heroes: @joshaguilar @lindalinda_and_her_circus @brandon_j_chmielewski @ericbixler @megants dad, Patrick Billy Rogers, @toni_mcbride @landonterrio John Butler & Dean Kassel . On a lighter note: CLEANUP PARTY TOMORROW MORNING!⚡️ Message me or call me for details. . (Red Cross link in bio) . Bye bye ?? @rubberdummies @glockinc mags @laruetactical targets and more. Til next time…

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A firefighter sprays water as embers threaten a residence as the Hillside fire burns through San Bernardino, Calif., on Oct. 31, 2019. The blaze, which ignited during red flag fire danger warnings, destroyed multiple residences.Noah Berger / AP

Evacuations were underway in San Bernardino as a brush fire erupted there Thursday morning. The Hillside fire spread to 200 acres and had claimed six homes, San Bernardino County Fire Protection District chief Don Trapp said.

In Southern California, firefighters are battling the Easy fire, at 1,400 acres as of Wednesday and the Getty fire, which has consumed more than 700 acres on a hillside in West Los Angeles.

Among the biggest threats this week is the Kincade fire in wine country north of San Francisco. That fire had burned through more than 76,000 acres, approximately 117 square miles, and was 60 percent contained as of Thursday morning.


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