Eastern Securities Slaughters 40+ Working Dogs.

For those of you that don’t know who Eastern Securities or E-sec is, here is a little overview of their company-

Eastern Securities (E-sec) is a Limited Liability Kuwaiti established Company. Fully licensed to operate in Kuwait and regional countries allows its operation to have multiple points of performance and presence.

As a Prime Regional Security Service Provider, E-sec ensures that its services are based on the latest technology integrated with high end qualified operators and management.

Our operational teams comprised of personnel from elite military Special Forces, Intelligence, Personal Detailing and law enforcement agencies.

Our wealth of expertise allows us to provide security services to any industry and in nearly any environment, including private persons and businesses, schools and municipalities, law enforcement agencies and the military.

In the news lately there have been more news about their questionable euthanizing of up to 40 plus working dogs that were used for protection and explosive detection.  Doing a little digging however you can find numerous eye witness reports of E-sec’s view of the rights of the working dogs.  Here is a report from a person that worked for the company in 2014- “This is my story: I worked for this company for about 5 months in 2014 as an assistant program manager. Eastern Securities, a Kuwaiti contract company with an American owner, has killed the dogs left in their kennel upon losing the contract they had with the Kuwait National Petroleum Company. I can not get exact numbers, but the only witness that has exposed this says about 40 dogs. The owner of the company is Bill Baisey and his Program Manager is Tony Touchet. Both were aware of the murders of the dogs. The K9s were contract working dogs trained by a US company to do explosive detection at the oil drilling sites in Kuwait. The witness of this massacre is scared to come forward due to fear of being arrested in Kuwait. You see, in addition to killing these dogs, I believe Eastern Securities was also involved with human trafficking. I started to see the evidence of this when I worked there. In fact, Bill Baisey has been under investigation with his other company, Najlaa, and also with KBR for human trafficking charges. While I worked in Kuwait, many of the ES employees were not allowed to return to their home countries. Some had been away for many years. The company took their passports, held the sponsorships to their visas, and refused to let them go. If an employee went to the embassy, the company would lay a false charge or claim against them to get them arrested or “blacklisted”. Some handlers’ passports expired and they actually were thrown into a Kuwaiti jail for illegally being in the country when they finally got their passports back and tried to go home. While what happened to these dogs is sick and disgusting and inexcusable, what goes on in Kuwait regarding human trafficking is far worse. The public must understand that the employees who can testify for these dogs are all scared to death of their own fates at this moment. I started to pry into this issue while I was working there, but soon myself and the female office manager were being spied on. We were told that charges would be laid against us for bogus issues such as “having male visitors in our home” which is illegal and highly punishable for women in Kuwait. I left suddenly and quietly before I could be implicated or blacklisted or arrested. I stayed in touch with the handlers, and advised them as I could. Some have told me that a lawyer is working on this case for them. I am not sure what else can be done… As both Tony and Bill hold US passports, I would like to believe there is something the US government can do, but I am not sure what or who to contact. However, please believe… The story about the deaths of these CWD’s is true. This is the dirty, grungy side of animals for business. Even the “good” companies eventually have to sell their dogs to someone when their contracts are over, and then low-bidding companies like ES end up with the final say in their fate.”-  this info was found on on a small unknown group on Facebook

Apparently this group was formed to bring some of the atrocities committed by the company to light.  A report from Express UK has more information on the story.-

“The shocking photographs show dead dogs piled against each other after claims they were killed because of a lost security contract in the Middle East.

As many as 24 dogs used by a K9 security company are alleged to have been killed, while there are fears of what will happen to another 90 animals used for protection work.

Kuwaiti lawyer Esmail Al Misri is reported to have has lodged a formal complaint with the authorities in the Gulf oil state, calling for a criminal investigation.

Speaking to the Arab Times, Al Misri claims the killings were “seemingly motivated by revenge” because workers had not been paid since April because of a contract being revoked.

Kuwait Today reported that the American security company worked with a Middle Eastern oil concern and was paid $9,900 (£6,744) a month for each dog.

Pictures of dead dogs piled against what appear to be cages and across the floor also emerged on social media over the weekend, with calls from animal lovers for the remaining dogs to be sent to the USA.

The Arab Times says it has spoken to an employee at the security company on the condition of anonymity who stressed that a “lot of falsehoods” were being spread online.In its report, the Arab Times said the security employee had revealed that although the handlers had not been paid and a contract was lost, there were other contracts in play and the dogs had been humanely euthanised solely for medical reasons.All the dogs that were selected to be put down were old and retired from service “on account of medical conditions” that included tumours, cataracts, chronic diarrhoea and hip dysplasia while others were too aggressive.
He claimed that the dogs had been seen by vets and diagnosed with these issues two years ago.The Arab Times added that the company explored alternatives and contacted animal welfare societies in Kuwait to facilitate the adoption of the dogs but all these attempts were unsuccessful.“These dogs were suffering in the condition they were in. In my opinion, this should have been done a year ago”, he said, adding that in the past eight years two dogs had been put down when their aggressive behaviour had become a liability while others had died of natural causes.The Arab Times reported that the employee conceded mistakes had been made and the company was caught off guard in this situation.It quoted the employee as saying: “The company had taken steps to euthanize small groups of dogs over a period of time but a member of our kennel staff jumped the gun and euthanized them all at once. He has been terminated for going against the procedure.”

The executive strongly denied allegations that more dogs will be put down.”

Seems like a different narrative to me.  Knowing a small bit about how some service dogs are viewed as “tools” I could see that some people would have no problem disposing of these dogs, like how one would throw a broken tool away.  In another view in all the pictures shown of the dogs  most of the dogs look emaciated and in bad health.  Unfortunately that health and starvation doesn’t happen overnight, so the question that is begging to be asked is, WHY THE HELL WEREN’T THESE DOGS SENT TO A FOUNDATION TO BE TAKEN CARE OF?  With all the different organizations who take wounded, and old service dogs why did E-sec think that the best course would be the slaughtering of these dogs?  I’ll tell you why, THE BOTTOM LINE.  This company is run on a purely cost driven way of thinking.  Where all employees man, or k9, are just tools to be used up and tossed aside when done.

More information is needed however, being in Kuwait, which isn’t really regarded as a “combat” zone expect on seeing more and more of these “low baller” contract companies pop up with their questionable work ethics.  We also need to find out if these were American trained dogs, or if they were Kuwaiti dogs, the reason is that the ramifications for the company would be different if these dogs were “owned” by Kuwait.  If these dogs were owned by the US however, there should and will be legal ramifications.

What do you think? Seems like there are 2 different narratives here.  Post up in the comments below.


-As always stay vigilant