CCW Concealed Carry Corset Review

ccw holster

Let me start by describing my situation. I am a 120 pound, 5′ 2″ woman. Yes, I am little, and no, there aren’t many options available to me that allow me to comfortably carry. I think I can speak for most women when I say finding a comfortable, practical way to conceal our weapon has never been an easy feat. That’s why when I heard about the Concealed Carry Corset by Dene Adams I was highly intrigued. I wanted something that I could still wear my normal everyday clothes with, without having an awkward bulge showing. This corset was said to be able to comfortably allow women of all sizes the ability to conceal their weapon with minimal printing and is ideal for everyday wear. So, without hesitation, I decided I had to have one, and thus the reason for this CCW Holster review.

First Thoughts

Upon opening the box the Concealed Carry Corset is exactly what I expected. It is a fashionable design that would make any woman excited to wear it. It is feminine and classy with lace details and is similar to the look of a sexy bra. Sizing is a little different than what most women are used to, you need to measure your natural waist which is about an inch above your belly button. I measured at about 26″ which put me in a size small or “alluring”. You put the CCW Corset on similar to a bra with hook and eye clasps that run up the front, pretty simple and ensures a secure close.

My Experience

The name corset makes me think of the old days where women would pass out from not being able to breath, but this is not the case at all with the CCW Corset. The corset is made from a stretchy fabric that doesn’t restrict your breathing. Flexibility without movement is the best way I can describe it. It doesn’t hurt either that it makes me look thinner and accentuates my curves ;). I tested the corset out with both a .9mm Smith and Wesson and a .9mm Springfield XDS. The larger Smith and Wesson concealed a lot better than I expected but wasn’t as comfortable when sitting and bending over (could be because of my short stature). I wore the Springfield XDS for the entire day and have no complaints! It concealed under my shirt flawlessly and was a comfortable fit. Bonus: I found a new spot for my phone and cash using the other pocket! I have practiced drawing the gun from the holster, but haven’t yet taken it to the range. As far as I can tell drawing a gun from the holster is pretty easy and just requires some practice.

ccw holster

ccw holster

ccw holster

The Alternatives

Compared to other holsters available to women, the Concealed Carry Corset works best for me. Other products on the market such as the CCW purse, bra holster, and the average paddle holster just aren’t able to fit my everyday needs.

The CCW Purse

I am not at all a supporter of carrying my gun in a purse. If your gun isn’t on you at all times a couple of questions come to mind, will you be able to get to it fast enough in an emergency situation? Do you have control of your gun at all times if it is in a purse? I would say no to both questions. It is way too easy to leave your purse lying around where children can reach it, or forget it in a restaurant, or a public bathroom. I prefer to carry on my person at all times to maintain control of my gun.

The Bra Holster

The bra holster may be a solution for some woman, but has never been an option for me. This holster is best for small pistols and not my 9mm Springfield. I was looking for an option that would allow me to conceal with minimal printing and the bra holster has been known to leave a lump under your shirt among other problems.

The Paddle Holster

As a woman who wears tight fitting jeans, there is only one way to wear a paddle holster and that is on the outside of my waistband. You can imagine how difficult it is to conceal the bulge caused by this kind of holster without wearing a baggy shirt or jacket. This just simply isn’t a logical option for me for everyday use.

CCW holster

ccw holster

Final Thoughts

Let me assure you that I don’t work for Dene Adams, I am just a CCW holder looking for the best option to carry my gun, and I have found it with the Concealed Carry Corset. I wore it for an entire work day and had no problems with it rolling up or moving, revealing my gun, or cinching my waist too tight. I am an advocate for women protecting themselves through concealed carry and would recommend this holster to any of my friends and family. I am now able to conceal with confidence and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The corset comes in three different color combinations and is now available to fit waist sizes 25″-41″.

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