Capitol Police Beat Woman 35 Times in the Face – DOJ Wants Her Sentenced to 90 Days!

Four Trump supporters were gunned down on January 6th, 2021.

The phony January 6 Committee did not even probe the murders of these Trump supporters in their motivated investigation. They scarcely even acknowledged the four Trump supporters at the end of their piece.

Two further Trump supporters were dangerously close to death at the hands of police that day.

On that day, cops knocked out, gassed, and smothered Philip Anderson. J6 political prisoner Jake Lang carried him to safety and saved his life. The Biden Department of Justice plans to bring Philip Anderson before a DC court after they nearly killed him.

And Officer Jason Bagshaw smashed Victoria White’s face repeatedly until she was bloodied. She was then carried through dozens of police officers, her stockings and coat removed, and paraded through the US Capitol.


They came very close to killing her. Look what the animals have done to poor Victoria!


Victoria White announced on Twitter on Friday night that her sentence will take place on Monday in Washington, DC. She recently found out and needs to arrange transportation to Washington, DC, for her court date.

Victoria claims the DOJ is seeking a three-month prison sentence for her.

Since they failed to kill her, imprisoning her is their next plan.

Victoria White, a resident of Rochester, Minnesota, traveled to Washington, DC, on January 6th to participate in the Stop the Steal event. She came perilously close to having her life taken by DC police during the rally. After that, police tracked down Victoria and charged her with assault on Capitol Hill.

The US Capitol Police nearly killed Victoria White after a savage beating.

Attorney Joseph McBride says:

She is hit approximately thirty- five times over the course of 4 minutes and 30 seconds, while appearing to be begging for mercy the entire time. She is hit with the baton while facing away. She is hit with the baton while facing forward. She is speared and poked with the baton about the face so as to inflict maximum pain. She collapses more than once and is stood up by the officers only to be maced and beaten again. At some point, White-shirt puts away his baton, not because he is showing mercy because he has a clear avenue to her face. As such, he unloads on the defenseless woman punching her five times in five seconds, directly in the face, with all of his might.

Her DOJ report is here.
Not once in the DOJ report do they describe the brutal pummeling she received at the hands of the Capitol Police officers.

The fact that they ignored police brutality in their report is frightening.

It should be clear to any conservative in America today that you cannot trust the Department of Justice.

In addition, the mainstream media has ignored this violent police brutality.

Police officers pummeled Victoria’s face with their fists and beat her with batons for several minutes before cuffing her with zip ties and parading her through the US Capitol and into a police truck.

Victoria White is lucky to be alive today.

Two other female Trump supporters were not so lucky that day.

A new video shows Victoria White being beaten and stripped naked before being taken through the US Capitol. MPD Officer Jason Bagshaw is shown striking Victoria over 40 times with a metal baton and fists to the face and head, leaving Victoria wounded and bruised. The next step was to take her shoeless and bloody through the halls of the US Capitol.

Two screenshots of this terrible scenario follow. The police intended for her to become the third female victim of the day.

God bless Victoria White.">