ATF Agent Tries To Confiscate Man’s Guns, But Gets The Cops Called On Him Instead

Many social media comments say, “this is exactly how you do it.” Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. As happens here, we know that any interaction with the police can escalate quickly, especially if they are called in for a “pretend” federal agent.

Body cam footage from a July 2021 incident recently circulating online shows an ATF agent waiting outside an apartment building to check on the purchase of an alleged illegal gun (per reports). When the individual being sought went inside under the guise of locating the weapon, they called the local police and suggested a man was posing as a federal agent outside his residence.

Because both officers turned out to be just doing their jobs, there’s an element of an unfortunate tragedy.

Still, there is an innate joy in watching some talentless federal goon with a tough-guy act wet his pants when push comes to shove. He didn’t cry as much as paid actor Michael Byrd, but he came close. Not so tough now, are you? The crying and pleading from the federal agent pretty much sum up bullies everywhere; the facade crumbles fast. It’s also ironic that he resists arrests. You know how that’ll end, right?

The two-minute video is overlaid with some comedic commentary too.


Let’s recap how the Big Bad Fed began this interaction:

“I’m a federal agent…What’s your deal? It ain’t happening…You guys are making a big mistake.”

Now let’s recap how Part 2 went:

“Wait for a second! Don’t do this! I’ve got a medical condition! Please, please! I can’t breathe! I’m begging you! My wife’s pregnant!”

The entire interaction makes you wonder if the ATF guy will approach his job differently in the future. Will he see a human being on the other side of the cuffs?

I guess that he won’t change his ways. Local outlets reported that the ATF agent was suing the local police department for the use of excessive force, which indicates he can give, but he can’t get.

That’s not promising.

“According to the suit, the ATF agent was trying to confiscate an illegally-held firearm when the suspect called 911, and the dispatcher sent officers Joseph Fihe and Kevin Winchell.

The article reports that Burk has filed an excessive force lawsuit against the city of Columbus and the two police officers in federal court.

Burk admits this sort of confusion isn’t unheard of. However, in a typical situation, he says, the police officers would have checked his credentials and either assisted with retrieving the firearm or left the scene.”

The original suspect who allegedly had an illegal firearm is the real culprit, but, oddly, the ATF bothers with this. Where are they in Chiraq? There must be thousands of illegal guns in Windy City alone. Where are they on the southern border, for that matter?

Rather than exist to fight real crimes, agencies from within the federal government are merely corrupt and bloated tools for even more corrupt politicians. Every law and every mandate is at the point of a gun. Don’t pay your taxes? Guys with guns will arrest you. Don’t close your business during a pandemic? Guys with guns will arrest you.

Regardless of who they were after or why they were there, it’s nice for the Feds to get a taste of their own medicine.">