Armed Robber Shot Dead After Picking Wrong Tow Truck Driver To Rob [VIDEO]

Throughout the holiday season, violent crime did not stop in Detroit. On Monday, a suspected armed robber gave it a shot. He reportedly got in touch with an auto salvage business and asked them to buy and remove a trash car. The intrepid thief attempted to ambush the driver of the tow truck when it came to collect the hoopty.

Mr. Robber didn’t anticipate that the driver of the hook would be so observant of his surroundings or possess a gun. Mr. Tow Truck Driver was carrying his gat that day and had a concealed carry permit, so it’s possible that this wasn’t his first experience.

So when the armed robber ambushed the driver from behind, the driver shot him dead right there, potentially saving his own life.

Click on Detroit has the story:

An armed robber was shot and killed when he targeted a tow truck driver who had a concealed pistol license, Detroit police said.

The shooting happened around 9:30 a.m. Monday (Dec. 26) in the 15400 block of Young Street on Detroit’s east side.

Officials said a man with a gun tried to rob a tow truck driver, but that driver was a CPL holder and also armed.

The tow truck driver shot the robber, and the robber died from his injuries, according to authorities.

It seems like there’s no shortage of gun-toting bad guys in Detroit, despite a litany of gun control laws that prohibit such conduct.

Take this fine young gentleman you decided to announce his latest felony on social media.

Also from Click on Detroit . . .

A man who was just released from prison last year is facing a new charge after he posted public pictures of a gun on his Instagram account and chatted about being drunk during a crash in Detroit, officials said.

Trevon Mathis, 23, is facing a charge of felon in possession of a firearm, according to a criminal complaint that was filed Dec. 8 and unsealed later in the month.

Mathis pleaded guilty on May 18, 2016, to assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder or by strangulation and a felony firearm violation. The charges were linked to an incident from Nov. 4, 2015, according to court records.

Good guys without guns don’t stand much of a chance against armed bad guys.

Fortunately, the tow truck driver brought his own gat to the party and likely saved his own life from an accused violent criminal.">