ALERT: A Massive Explosion Has Happened Over Montana…

What the hell is going on in America these days?

There have been numerous reports of an explosion in the sky above Montana.

It is unknown whether this is related to the reported Chinese spy balloon.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte claims that despite knowing about the balloon, no one in the Pentagon informed him.

Gianforte stated that he does not yet know what caused the explosion over Montana.

Video of the explosion is making the rounds on social media:

KRTV reported on the footage:

A woman saw what she claims was a possible explosion in the sky over Billings on Friday, February 3, 2022, and she shared a video of the incident on Twitter.

Dolly Moore, who lives near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Shiloh Road, posted on Twitter that she saw a jet go by and then heard what she described as an explosion in the sky. A loud noise can be heard in the video, but it’s unclear where it’s coming from.

MTN News interviewed Moore and confirmed she shot this video on Friday:

Trending Politics News reported on Montana governor Gianforte’s confirmation of the explosion:

On Friday evening during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Montana governor Greg Gianforte confirmed reports of a massive explosion over his home state.

Carlson asked the governor if he had any information about reports of an explosion over Montana.

“I was notified of it just minutes before we came on the air,” he said. “We are monitoring the situation. I’m talking to our national guard to find out if they have additional information. I’m sure I will be briefed here in the next hour.”

Once again, Americans are left wondering just what the hell is going on…

I do not feel safe in Biden’s America at all, and I am sure you all don’t either.