Now You Can Own Flash 💥 Bangs & Smoke💨 Grenades….But Here’s The Catch!

In the wake of the recent blow-up over Liberty Safe Company providing a customer gun safe code to the FBI when they were not party to the Warrant and had no legal obligation to do so, I am happy to tell you that I have found a company in our community that is NOT afraid to stand up against Federal Alphabet Agencies being weaponized against American Citizens

IWA International, well known for importing and selling some of the coolest, “battle-proven”, civilian legal gun parts and tactical gear in America is solidly in support of its customers.

IWA has been importing Pyrotechnic Smoke Grenades and Pyrotechnic Flash Bangs for use in tactical training and air-soft scenarios.

Actual Flash Bangs and Smoke Grenades fall under the control of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.  They are expensive.  They are Federally regulated, and they are ONLY available for sale to Law Enforcement & Military Agencies or via the NFA (National Firearms Act)



Products manufactured by, imported, and sold by IWA are not controlled or regulated as explosives by the aforementioned Federal Agency because very simply they are fully compliant with the requirements for exemption from regulation by the ATF as explosives and are classed as “Articles Pyrotechnic.” They are shipped classified as a Hazardous Material class 1.4G or 1.4S by the US Department of Transportation due to the fact that they are considered Hazmat as they are similar to fireworks.

That did not stop the Bureau from attempting to control and restrict you from being able to purchase these items.  Earlier this year the Bureau sent a Cease and Desist order to IWA.  When confronted by the Bureau, IWA immediately ceased selling the products until their legal teams identified how to resolve the issue to establish an exemption from being regulated as explosives by the ATF.

They identified that the various smokes and bangs that they manufacture and import are considered by technical definition and engineering specifications to be Articles Pyrotechnics which are NOT regulated as explosives that may only be sold to federal explosives license holders and do not need to be stored in ATF approved magazines.

The relevant federal regulations require that Articles Pyrotechnics ONLY be sold to by “Professionals”.  Upon further research, IWA found that there were no companies providing an online safety, training, and certification course to allow someone to become a “Professional” who could then lawfully purchase IWA’s products.


So what did they do?  They created one. 

So every red-blooded American who wants to use one of these Pyrotechnic devices has a legal pathway to be able to purchase and use them safely.

Pretty cool huh?

Well, not if you’re a gun community InstaTroll!

Immediately upon announcing this Chess, not Checkers move, keyboard commandos attacked with a crossfire move launched from mom’s basements everywhere!  They accused IWA of working with the Bureau and creating a “registry” simply because they used a poor choice of words on the signup page for the online training course.

It was called “Get Registered.”


I am here to testify that IWA is not creating a registry.  They are merely offering you a Fast & FREE way to get trained and certified so that you can laminate an ID card and use your ID number to place orders on their site so that they comply with the federal regulations that exempt these products from regulation as explosives by the ATF.

I have taken the class.  It is quick, about 15 minutes, it is informative and why not, I like all my fingers.

Take the FREE 15-minute online course and get your pyrotechnic professional certification so you can train with or use IWA Flash Bangs and Smoke.">