Shots Fired Podcast Ep. 179: Illinois Firearm Owners Get A Win!

IL. Firearm owners now is your chance to grab those coveted “normal” capacity magazines!  We drop that little bit of knowledge & MORE in this episode.  After covering the latest shootings, the quys talk about our upcoming NVG classes, and the 6th annual Silkies ruck! Links below for events and orgs talked about in the […]


Shots Fired Podcast Ep 178: The ATF Hates Your Business Cards

In this episode, we report the news on the ATF vs  @CRSFirearms  and the business card-shaped machine guns. After that and the return of Krystal Powers, we get a quick review of the FINAL 4 of our SWEET 16-guns countdown. Rounding out the episode Alex gets SUPER FIRED UP about the newest Wa. Bill protecting […]


Shots Fired Ep 177: The QuēēR Wars

Like looking down a dark tunnel to only see the light at the end was a train, the split in the LGBTQ+WTFBBQ community has only fueled tensions around government-funded firearm violence. On a lighter note, the guys check out the memes we can all watch to keep our smiles big heading into the end of […]


Shots Fired Ep: 176 Progressive Fudds

The guys sit down to give their Saturday breakdown of the Ky Bank Shooting, as well as the idea of a progressive fudd, wondering what that means? Well, give the episode a listen and find out. Listen Here! Apple Podcast Stitcher Wondering where the other episodes went?  Here’s a link: Get The APP! <-radio host […]


Shots Fired Ep175: Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Local Warlord?

In this ep, Sig and Dynadeath converse on what the National news has been neglecting to tell us, as well as what they believe it takes to be a true LOCAL WARLORD. Looking internationally they also touch on the torching of black rock and INBEVs recent Trans Ad for Budlight Blunder. Listen Here! Apple Podcast […]


Shots Fired Ep.174: Sweet 16 Guns Of The Chinese-Zombie Invasion

In this episode, the group talks about The Judges’ Resolution of Disapproval on the Arm Brace Ruling and what you can do to find out more over at  @GunOwnersofAmerica  . After that they get into the meat and potatoes of this episode, what 4 guns, out of our choices, are the winners of this very […]


Shots Fired Ep:173 Stick To Your Guns!

In this Cast, we get the full group! Starting off, we hear about a LOCAL TO US shooting right down the street from our St. Peter’s location. During a normal shopping outing, an older woman was not only mugged but survived being shot in the ear! After that, we hear about the Federal Judge who […]


Shots Fired Ep. 172: 4 Guns For The Zombie / Chinese Invasion

In this episode, the group set down to talk about the recent STL viral tik toc murder of what might have been a homeless man. Not only did this go down in broad daylight, but there were also people standing around just watching. After that, we get our FAVORITE lady warlord Clover on the phone […]


Shots Fired Ep.171: St. Louis’ New Pinball Machine Of Death

In this episode, the gang sit down to discuss the tragic accident earlier this week involving an out of town’er , who found herself right in the middle of St. Louis’ ever-growing problem of repeat offenders BACK out on the street. After that, the crew goes over the 8.6 Blackout round and Alex does us […]


Shots Fired Ep. 170: Tactical Didgeridoos

The entire group is back together, in this episode they blast through all the most recent events happening! Covering all the balloons flying all over America, and Sleepy Joe’s response. On top of that, the group discusses their theories on what exactly is causing all these train derailments. Rounding out the episode we take a […]