No More Messaging About Guns: T-Mobile Cracks Down with Penalties

T-Mobile’s new terms of service (TOS) policy will fine companies advertising guns over its network using A2P messaging (SMS, MMS, Short Code, Toll-Free, and 10DLC). The prohibition does not only apply to guns; peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging is unaffected. P2P messaging goes between a minimum of two retail clients. The new restriction only applies to third-party […]

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Missouri Court Denies McCloskeys’ Request to Regain Guns

A couple that gained notoriety for defending themselves against BLM “protesters” Mark and Patricia McCloskey became the focus of an activist prosecutor when they told Black Lives Matter rioters to keep off their property, and an appeals court in Missouri decided that they could not have their guns back. The context is that the case […]

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Christmas Gift Exchange Leads to Sister’s Murder

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office’s Sheriff, Bob Gualtieri, announced the arrest of two kids following a domestic quarrel that led to the terrible death of a young mother and the arrest of two adolescents. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office reports that Abrielle Baldwin, 23, was shot and killed by her 14-year-old brother after they got into a fight about the “inequality” of the gifts that were ordered for Christmas. Deputies responded to a distress call at a family home on Christmas Eve to find a bleak scene. Abrielle Baldwin, […]

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Biden Administration Caught in Cover-Up of Chinese Data Collection

A Chinese surveillance balloon traveled across the United States about a year ago, from Alaska to the Carolina coast, where it was shot down. The balloon was discovered in Montana, but according to a new source, Joe Biden and General Mark Milley were aware of its presence in the US sky far earlier. They simply […]

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What Is Happening to America’s Arsenal? Here’s What is Behind the Alarming Decline of U.S. Munitions

As fighting rages in the Middle East, Europe, and China, America’s diminishing inventory of high-end bombs becomes a worrisome dilemma. The United States, historically a military powerhouse, now faces the risk of a munitions deficit in an uncertain era. In this urgent situation, a national critical munitions stockpile is required. During peak counteroffensive warfare, European […]

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Baltimore’s ATF Lawsuit: Taking Aim at ‘Law-Abiding’ Gun Dealers

Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown is expected to join forces with Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns city and its gun-grabbing Mayor Brandon Scott. It’s also reasonable to assume that ATF’s new “leadership” under citizen disarmament zealot and Director Steve Dettelbach doesn’t mind being sued. If he “loses,” the Tiahrt Amendment, an appropriations provision that now prohibits […]

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ICYMI: Judge Benitez Hammers Activist Professor Donohue in Miller v Becerra

In Miller v. Becerra, Judge Benitez issued a forceful verdict in mid-October 2023, calling out longtime activist Professor Donohue. John J. Donohue III is an economist and lawyer who has authored numerous articles. A large number of such papers were statistical studies on weapons and crime. He teaches at Stanford Law School. Some of his […]

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The 2024 National Defense Authorization Act is here

The National Defense Authorization Act (“NDAA”) is the one item of annual congressional legislation that appears to operate. The NDAA is still massive, with 973 pages of House Resolution (HR) 2670 and a 1,627-page Conference Report reconciling the differences between the House and Senate. However, unlike universal health care, which has thousands of pages, the […]

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Massive Blow to Terrorist Group: Thousands Taken Out in Single Day!

The IDF has liberated the northern Gaza neighborhoods of Beit Hanoun and Jabaliya, while it is still looking for Hamas leadership in the southern Gaza neighborhood of Khan Yunis. Since Wednesday, five IDF troops have been confirmed killed in action, and the bodies of five captives have been recovered. The IDF’s 162nd Division is now […]

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California’s Controversial Gun Law Unconstitutional- Federal Court Rules…

Noting that California’s “sensitive places” statute substantially restricts lawful concealed carry and is “sweeping, repugnant to the Second Amendment, and openly defiant of the Supreme Court,” a federal judge has ordered a preliminary injunction against the law’s enforcement. It is a significant victory for the Second Amendment Foundation and its partners in a September federal […]

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