Lake City to Build 6.8 Plant for Army

US Army opens ammunition plant for Next-Gen Squad Weapon Army-Tech Reports A new contract was awarded to support the modernisation of activities for a Missouri-based ammunition plant in support of next-generation small arms. As part of its transition from its existing small arms to the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) the US Army has awarded […]

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Chicago Sues Glock Over “Glock Switch”

Chi Town Is Sueing glock over the “switchy for the glikky” Our Friend guns_and_gadgets Reports AP Writes The city of Chicago sued Glock Inc. on Tuesday, alleging the handgun manufacturer is facilitating the proliferation of illegal machine guns that can fire as many as 1,200 rounds per minute on the streets of the city. The […]

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Illegal immigrants have gun rights protected by 2nd Amendment?

Found by Gun Owners of America @GunOwners “In this underlying ruling, the Second Amendment community undoubtedly has mixed feelings, because while illegal aliens are most certainly not part of ‘the People,’ everyone has a God-given right to defend themselves against violent acts like rape and murder.” “Of course, the courts wouldn’t have to decide this […]

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Atf Shows Us Again, They Shouldn’t Make Decisions

ATF Director Displays Ignorance About Basic Firearm Topics During Pro Gun Control Segment Dailywire writes ATF Director Steven Dettelbach, a Democrat, made numerous mistakes when speaking about firearms during an interview that aired over the weekend. Speaking with Margaret Brennan on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” Dettelbach stood in front of a table that had numerous firearms […]

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California Background Checks For Ammo Will Remain In Place

And The Beatings Will Continue Till Morale Improves…. Reuters Reports A 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel on a 2-1 vote stayed last week’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez in San Diego holding that the background checks law violated the right the bear arms protected by the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment.  The […]

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Biden Wants To INCREASE Background Checks

Biden Moves to try and have the ATF in MORE of your shit by trying to push for background checks on the secondary market. Yahoo News – Under current federal law, background checks are required only for sales by federally licensed dealers. A rule that the ATF proposed last September would expand the definition of […]

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Oregon Judge: Gun Law Violates State Constitution!

After hearing more arguments challenging the original case findings of Harney County Circuit Court Judge Robert Raschio, a state court’s preliminary ruling against Oregon’s Measure 114 gun control policy will remain in effect. All of the defense counsel representing the Oregon Department of Justice’s objections to Judge Raschio’s assessment of the case were dismissed. The […]

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Sen. Susan Collins: U.S. Troops Need Gun Control

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) is drafting legislation that would require the U.S. military to abide by state-level red and yellow flag laws for troops. A red flag statute enables loved ones, friends, and other parties to ask a judge to take away a person’s firearms if they believe that person poses a risk to themselves […]

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SHOCK VIDEO: Young Mother Gunned Down in Horrific NYC Ambush

On Tuesday night in the Big Apple, a security camera caught the horrifying moment a young mother from Brooklyn was killed in cold blood for no apparent reason. According to The New York Post, three aggressive thugs opened fire on 28-year-old Clarisa Burgos and the 39-year-old driver of the black Honda sedan when they were […]

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Unbelievable Response From Dispatcher When Woman Calls 911 on Home Intruder!

A 9-1-1 operator who tells a terrified woman that she is unable to send any police officers to her location effectively illustrates the importance of gun ownership. The woman who barricaded herself inside her house and told the operator that her violent and enraged ex-boyfriend, who had previously put her in the hospital, was outside […]

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